Specialty Organic Blue Mountain Coffee

Our farm is the upper portion of the former Cedar Hurst estate in Portland Parish, Jamaica.  We grow certified organic, true Blue Mountain coffee.

A Commitment to History and to Quality

 Coffee was introduced to colonial Jamaica in 1728 by the then Governor Sir Nicholas Lawes.  Coffee quickly became an important export. By 1799 there were 686 coffee plantations covering 30,000 acres.  By 1814, 34 million pounds of coffee was exported.

In literature of the 1790's Cedar Hurst is described as a coffee factory and plantation..  In 1921 it became part of the Mt. Holstein estate of the Benn Family, who subsequently sold a portion (Brown's Piece) to their multi-generational family friends the Rowan-Campbell's in the 1950's.  

Today, Rowan's Royale remains family-owned.  Dorienne Rowan Campbell and her husband Tony Fisher maintain quality control and primary management including day-day operations, inspections and organic certification.  Additional assistance is provided by descendants of the Rowan-Campbell family in the United States and Canada.

We are committed to providing the highest quality coffee the Blue Mountains have to offer.  Read more about how we do so below.


Since 1979, no inorganic fertilizer, or chemical pesticides, fungicides or herbicides have been used in the growing of our coffee.

Rowan's Royale farm is contained within the Blue & John Crow Mountain National Park, a protected nature preserve.

We grow in the traditional hands-on method, focusing on shade-grown plants (what coffee prefers), and controlling weeds and maintaining the richness of our soil by the careful preservation of native Jamaican plants.

Our picking, processing, roasting and packaging is done by hand and personally supervised to ensure quality, and maintain our nature-first methodology.  Many of our employees have worked the land for over two decades and attend regular organic farming seminars.
  • "Thank you...an absolute joy to drink."
  • "IT IS FANTASTIC...Thank you so much."
  • Consistently good coffee and a nice atmosphere to study or have a conversation.
    Ava Simpson


In 2004, Rowan's Royale was certified by CERES GmbH to EC 2092/91 and NOP organic standards.  Since that time our coffee has been certified to meet organic standards and regulations of the European Community (EC), the USDA, the Canadian market and Japan.

We win recertification yearly.

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Roasted to order - Light, Medium, Medium Dark, Dark

300g Whole/Ground

Roasted to order - Light, Medium, Medium Dark, Dark

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